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  • Attention GOES-16 Data Users! (12/01/2017):
    GOES-16 data will be unavailable until approximately December 20, 2017 while the satellite drifts into the permanent operational East position. Another announcement will be posted as soon as we learn when the data will resume flowing into the archive.

  • Attention JPSS Data Users! (11/20/2017):
    The next in the series of NOAA Joint Polar Satellite Systems, JPSS-1, was successfully launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on November 18. The newly launched satellite will be designated as NOAA-20.

    NOAA-20 will orbit in the same plane as Suomi NPP, operating about 50 minutes ahead of Suomi NPP, allowing important overlap in observational coverage. While the suite of instruments on the new satellite undergo a thorough checkout, all data coming to CLASS will be restricted for a while. If you have any questions, please submit an email to

  • Suomi NPP data access status (updated 09/27/17):

    The newer JPSS products from the NOAA Enterprise System are now grouped with the rest of the JPSS data families. Several of the legacy products have been replaced by newer, higher quality products in the new JPSS data families.  These products are in C-F compliant netCDF format.  Below is a list of the new families now under JPSS.

    JPSS Sounder Products (JPSS_SND) - formerly S-NPP NDE Granule Data (NDE_L2)
    JPSS VIIRS Products (Granule)(JPSS_GRAN)  - NEW!
    JPSS VIIRS Products (Non-Granule)(JPSS_NGRN) - formerly S-NPP NDE Daily (NDE_DAILY)
    JPSS Tropical Cyclone Products (JPSS_TC) - formerly S-NPP NDE Microwave Tropical Cyclone (NDE_TC)
    JPSS Ozone Products (JPSS_OZONE) - created earlier this year


    Users are encouraged to check the product and algorithm maturity levels throughout the history of the product at the STAR JPSS Algorithm Maturity Matrix website at


    Many of these products are online in daily TAR files for the most recent 90 days at


    For documents and other information please go to the STAR Science Documents website at which includes JPSS Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBD), Users Guides, Cal/Val plans, and much more. If you have any questions please submit an email to