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    AVHRR Clear Sky Products over Oceans - The S-NPP CoastWatch SST products are produced from the Advanced Clear-Sky Processor for Oceans (ACSPO) application using the infrared bands of the VIIRS instrument onboard S-NPP. The ACSPO application is executed inside the NPP Data Exploitation (NDE) System at NESDIS' Environmental Satellite Processing Center. ACSPO generates the level 2 swath SST and cloud mask data which are then mapped to the standard WGS84 Mercator projection using the CoastWatch utilities software package. The VIIRS instrument has a native resolution of 750 meters in the thermal bands and that provides for the S-NPP mapped SST CoastWatch data at roughly 0.8km equatorial resolution. The products also have a different cloud mask than the previous AVHRR CoastWatch SST products. ACSPO, jointly developed between NESDIS STAR and OSDPD, generates output files from two processors: 1) The ACSPO Orbital Processor, which reads in AVHRR L1b GAC files, performs retrievals, and writes the results in the output orbital HDF file; and 2) The ACSPO Granule Processor, which reads in the Orbital Processor output HDF files, removes duplicate data, generates 1-hour granules, and writes these HDF granule files in the structure defined by the ACSPO Granule Processor control file. Only Granule Processor output files (granules) are archived. ACSPO data products include clear-sky radiances (CSR), sea surface temperature (SST), and aerosol optical depth (AOD). All parameters are in original satellite projection (swath files) and are computed for current operational POES satellites, POES back-up satellites, and MetOp satellites, from AVHRR-GAC, AVHRR-LAC, AVHRR-HRPT and AVHRR-FRAC input data. These products are NOAA Processing Level 2.



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