National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, United States Department of Commerce

  • Attention Users of NESDIS Legacy SST and Aerosol (over oceans) Products:

    The following NESDIS legacy SST products (also known as MUT SST products) were produced from a software application developed in 1978. Science maintenance for these products has ceased. These products, with the exception of some of the aerosol products, have corresponding higher quality replacement products available from NESDIS.

    The products discontinued by NESDIS and their replacement (alternative) products are listed below:

    1. Aerosol Optical Thickness (100 KM) (AERO100) - Replacement or alternative product: Navy Aerosol Analysis and Prediction System (NAAPS)
    2. Coral Bleaching Monitoring Products (CORBL) - Replacement or alternative product: Geo-Polar 5km Global Nighttime-only Blended SST
    3. Sea Surface Temperature (100 KM Global) (SST100) - Replacement or alternative product: Geo-Polar 5km Global Blended SST
    4. Sea Surface Temperature (50 KM) (SST50) - Replacement or alternative product: Geo-Polar 5km Global Blended SST

  • Suomi NPP data access status (updated 02/25/16):
    The majority of S-NPP products are available for ordering through CLASS. For those datasets available for public access the begin dates are indicated next to the product names under the many JPSS search pages. A complete table of SNPP products showing product maturity level date ranges has recently been added to the CLASS FAQ under the NPP FAQ section. Also, links to the Readme files have been moved from the CLASS front page to this table located at the following URL:

    For further assistance please check out the STAR Science Documents website for JPSS Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBD), Users Guides, Cal/Val plans, and much more. If you have any questions please email the CLASS Help Desk.

  • Attention Suomi NPP Users:
    The most recent global NPP operational products are now available in daily tar files for quick and easy downloads at: Please see the NPP help page for instructions. Up to the most recent 85 days of data will be available for direct online access.

  • New tutorial on how to search and order data in CLASS! (04/27/15):
    A tutorial for searching and ordering data through CLASS can be found here: CLASS Data Access Tutorial. The tutorial gives a step by step screen capture views of the searching and ordering process from registering with CLASS to checking on the status of your order. It also covers the various levels of access services offered from CLASS at this time. If you have any questions please email the CLASS Help Desk.